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Who we are

This Adopt A Verse initiative is sponsored by Friends of Agape to engage the Scripture-less in South Asia and beyond, the home for a large percentage of the world’s unreached and Scripture-less people groups in the world.


Friends of Agape are business professionals, church leaders, individuals and families who team-up with Christians churches in these nations to Establish Churches.

We help Establish Churches by:

Equipping Leaders: 
We facilitate the training of more than 1,000 church leaders  who will in turn train more than 40,000 new followers of Jesus Christ and house church leaders.

Empowering the Poor: 
We support the ‘Education for All’ movement that benefits hundreds of children each year and also provide support for community development services to improve health and standard of living. A special emphasis is now given to English Education for the poor, by providing innovative and interactive curriculum based on wisdom principles to the children from Nursery to 4th grade and by training teachers in both formal and non-formal schools through activity-oriented, creative classroom environment.

Engaging the Scripture-less: 
Because Scripture resources are extremely limited in  several of the languages of the world, including South Asian countries, the ministry teams and churches we support are serving in partnership with well-known Bible translation agencies to expand Scripture resources in 60 languages. The church-based teams speak the languages needing translation and are effective allies in collaborating to translate New Testaments, and eventually full Bibles, that have high levels of community acceptance. By using a church-based and technology-assisted process of translation, we can complete the translation of the New Testament in less than three years and full Bible translation in five years.

As soon as portions of Scripture are available, they are utilized for strengthening the churches – see our Five Stage Translation Process below.


What We Do - NT In Under Two years, Full Bible In Under Five Years !

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