Stories Of The Dogri Bible Translation Community

Jammu City Stock PhotoStory of Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom is coordinating our ministry in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Born as a missionary kid, he grew up in the state as a son of the soil. As a young boy, the Lord called him to ministry. After completing his theological studies, he joined our team in 1997. Within three years, he took the responsibility of training leaders in Rose of Sharon Bible Training Center in Jammu which has trained several hundreds of leaders during the last few years.  He is well versed in Dogri language and his father is pastoring a Dogri Church with about 250 believers. He is coordinating the Dogri Bible Translation team along with other responsibilities. Now he and his wife, Lynn are overseeing our church planting ministry as well in the state. Lynn is in charge of our Deborah Leadership Training program.

Pastor Smith

Pastor Smith is from Dogri community. He came to the Lord from Hindu background in 2002. He submitted his life to Jesus and completed B. Min from AILD Jammu. Currently he is pastoring a church in Jammu region with 350 believers and assisting Dogri translation team. His two children are also helping in Dogri Bible translation.

Impact of Scripture translation in Dogri language

Pastor Smith says,

“I have been ministering in Dogri community for the past 13 years and my believers are almost 100% Dogri speakers. I used to preach in Dogri language as that is the common language understood by the church members, but when I had to read the scriptures, I always used to read from Hindi since there was no Bible in Dogri language. I am so glad now that I can use Dogri New Testament when I preach in the church. Dogri is our mother tongue although most of our believers also understand Hindi also to a great extent. However, a good number of our village people do not understand fully, if I preach in Hindi. Today we have our worship songs in Dogri language and testimonies in church are also given in Dogri language. We praise Lord for the gift of New Testament in Dogri language.”

Pastor King

Pastor King is currently coordinating the work in Samba district. He has about 150 Dogri believers in his church. His wife Anna is a women’s leader in the church and part of the Deborah Ministry. Pastor King is one of the key leaders from Dogri community and he is assisting in the scripture translation.

Pastor Samuel

Pastor Samuel is from Dogri community. He came to Lord from a Hindu background in 1998. He has been serving as one the key leaders in the district of Udhampur, overseeing the Dogri church planting initiative. Pastor Samuel is one of the key members in our translation team.

*Names changed for security