Testimonies From Dogri Believers

James –

 “My name is James, I am 45 years old and I live in the village of Basoli in Kathua district in Jammu & Kashmir. I come from the Surera people group. I had a disease in which I was unable to walk normally. I have one son and one daughter, and due to my illness I was unable to work. One of the believers from Pastor Smith’s* church named Monroe*, told me about Jesus and how he has the ability to heal me. I went to the church and Pastor Smith prayed for me and I was miraculously healed. Now I believe along with my whole family in Jesus. I also prayed with my sister and led her to the Lord. Please pray for me.” 

Raina – 

My name is Raina*. I am 60 years old and I am from the Rajput people group. I live in the RS Pura village in the Jammu district in Jammu & Kashmir. I had a problem with obesity and was bedridden and couldn’t walk.  One of the believers in Pastor Ken’s church introduced me to Pastor Ken*. He prayed and shared the Gospel with me and later I was able to get out of my bed and walk. I started going to Pastor Ken’s church and was baptized also.”

*Names changed for security.