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Language Translations

Our vision, in partnership with key translation agencies, is to facilitate translation of Scriptures into hundreds of remaining Bible-less languages around the world by 2030, using Church-Centric Bible Translation methodology (

India is a large nation with 738 heart languages and several thousand dialects (Source : SAL India Handbook 2018.) The availability of Scripture in these heart languages is critical for effective communication of the Gospel. Based on available research (Ethnologue):

  • Only 75 of the heart languages of India have a full Bible.

  • Another 174 heart languages of India have only New Testaments.

  • There are still several heart languages of India without even one verse of the Bible!

We have also developed our own tools for translation. For example, Autographa has been designed to equip the Bible translation community with a state of the art, minimalist, yet comprehensive alternative to existing Bible translation software. It is integrated with quality assurance tools – and with no price-tag!  The Autographa software enables token-based translation and drafting of Scripture portions from related languages to minority languages. See below for our New Testament translation progress in these languages and link to the free corresponding Bible translations when available; if applicable, Old Testament progress is  listed.

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